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   Fisherman's Cove Resort—Curlew Lake, Washington, USA

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Curlew Lake

Republic, WA


Curlew Lake

 Curlew Lake, nestled in the glacier-carved  hills north of Republic, Washington, is a  spring and  stream-fed lake named for the  birds that once frequented the area. The  serene, seven mile long lake provides  visitors with wonderful opportunities for  kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming,
 water skiing, canoeing, and sailing.

Curlew Lake is home to a wide variety of birds and animals, and provides a stopover for a number of migratory birds and waterfowl. Throughout most of the summer bald eagles, hawks, and falcons hunt from the skies overhead, while ducks and geese raise their young on the blue waters below. The lake is stocked with 250,000 rainbow trout each year.

Curlew Lake State Park, located about three miles south of Fisherman's Cove, offers visitors a lines-free boat launch. Surrounded on three sides by the peaks and valleys of the Colville and Ferry National Forests.

Because of the park's proximity to a small island lake where a pair of osprey raises their young, park visitors often have the opportunity to watch osprey fishing in the waters adjacent to the park.


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